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Membership Details

Membership Dues:

All membership dues are payable in advance for a calendar year in full and become due on the first day of January each year and are payable before the end of February of the year.


In case, where in the opinion of the Council, unusual expenditure or commitments may become necessary in furtherance of the objectives or interests of the Association or its members, the Council shall be empowered to levy from the members on an equitable BDHPA such additional sums.

Members, who have not cleared the arrears for 6 months, shall be disqualified from taking part in any proceedings of the association.


Code of Conduct:

All members of BDHPA should conform to the Code of Conduct of the Association, as given below:

Relations with Clients: Members must deal with clients in an ethical manner, agreements and terms & conditions need to be accurately and clearly stated and implemented in good faith; job undertaken should be completed on time in an efficient manner and the interest of clients should be safeguarded maintaining full confidentiality.


Relations with Other Members: Members must convey a professional and constructive attitude in dealing with other members, displaying courtesy and fairness; proper respect should be shown to property rights, work outcomes, confidential information, and client/vendor relations of fellow members; members will not engage in damaging, reproachful or predatory tactics. In recruiting employees from fellow member companies, appropriate clearance in the form of No Objection Certificate must be obtained in order to avoid any dispute. BDHPA will have the right to neutralize any such conflict through arbitration and the members involved must conform to the decisions of the arbitration committee of BDHPA.


Relations with Employees: BDHPA members shall take necessary steps to hire quality employees, offering equal and fair prospects for career growth and advancement. All employees will be given a letter of employment stating the terms and conditions of employment and the employer must honor these terms. Furthermore, the employees should be duly notified regarding their obligation to keep important data confidential, refrain from copyright violation and maintain professional conduct, failure to which would result in legal consequences.
Relations with Public: All BDHPA members must perform their role as good corporate citizens, encouraging the effective use of information technology as a tool for bringing social and economic benefits to the community, thus ensuring their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


Relations with International Community: BDHPA members should promote communication and business dealings with organizations in foreign countries in accordance with international cooperation. They must take care not to diminish Bangladesh’s growing image abroad, rather their efforts must uphold and contribute towards the positive branding of the country in the course of conducting international business.


Intellectual Property Protection: BDHPA members should discourage the usage of pirated software.


Relations with BDHPA: All dues to BDHPA must be cleared in time by the members and they should update their contact information with BDHPA. BDHPA reserves the right to cease the membership if the dues are not paid within proper date. As a part of its research or review of member company operation, BDHPA will periodically conduct surveys in which members must provide accurate information. BDHPA may also ask for the evidence in connection with the supplied information and the members will have to provide the required evidence. BDHPA will have the right to arbitrate in case of disputes arising from the financing, human resource or IPR issues and the members will have to conform to the decisions of the arbitration committee of BDHPA.


Cessation of membership:

A member shall disassociate from and cease to be a member of BDHPA upon the occurrence of one (1) or more of the following events:

  • Failure to clear annual subscription within 6 months from the date of due.
  • Notice will be issued a month before cessation.
  • The executive council will have the authority to expel a member if they are when it is found that the member  is involved in anti-state or anti-social activities. All the members must comply with professional and legal guidelines.
  • Any serious violation of such guidelines may result into expulsion of the members from association.
  • If any member is involved  in fraud/scamming activities and proved that they are scamming and defrauding.